Random Prize Giver – How To
This object will give a random gift from within object to a random person at a time interval set by the owner or Moderator.
– Activate/Deactivate

– Moderators = You can add Moderators they can setup the Prize Giver
– Info Line = You can add a Info Line in Hover
– Timer (You can set a time in which to draw a winner)
– Range
*ClickMode (Chatrange 20m with click option, Winner has to click on the Giver to get his prize)
A dialog window will open to inform the winner.
The winner now has 1 minute to click on the Giver and receive his prize.
*ChatRange (Chatrange 20m with Automatic Send the Prize)
* Parcel and Sim Wide with Automatic Send the Prize
– Min Avatar (Set a Minimum Amount of Avatars required to find a winner)
– Public Mode / Group Mode

– Ignore List
People on this list are not detected by the scanner. No prices will be sent to them.
Moderators and owner cannot win prizes.