Vendor for KittyCatS! Collars
Vendor for KittyCatS! Collars, Berets, Caps and Hats

This vendor system allow you to sell your Custom created KittyCatS! Collars.
The vendor is designed to use the same textures as your created collars. So you dont need to create extra Preview Images.

– No Notecard Setup
– Sale Notification IM
– Optional change Vendor Name to Object Name for clear Transaction List
– Click the Frame of the Vendor or the Pillow to open Texture Changer Menu (12 Designs are included)

– Low Lag Script
– Only 1 Land Impact

[Admin Menu]
Notice Settings
Sales Notification in IM ON/OFF (ON by Default)
Replace Vendor Name Settings
Vendor can replace Name of the Vendor with the Name of the Object for Sale for clear Transaction List. (OFF by Default)

[How To Setup Items]
Drop your Collars and Texture in the Vendors Content.
(e.g. KittyCatS! Jewelry – Collar – Michelle011997 Resident (No. 29),100)
The Object is named KittyCatS! Jewelry – Collar – Michelle011997 Resident (No. 29)
and the Texture is namend KittyCatS! Jewelry – Collar – Michelle011997 Resident (No. 29),100

If you have Reached the SL Limit from 60 Sings in Item or Texture Name you can also
Rename the Texture like this example: Collar – Michelle011997 Resident (No. 29),100 without “KittyCatS! Jewelry – “

The Sale Price for the KC-Collar-Valentine are L$ 100.
If the price is L$0, the vendor works as a dispenser of “free item”.