Lucky-Wheel - Gacha Version
The Lucky Wheel Gacha version comes with a Dropbox,
which sends the Prizes directly to the Winners. The Dropbox can give out Copy & No Copy Items.

The Gacha Version of the Wheel works unattended, unlike the Normal or Pro Version where the Owner or Moderator has to draw a Winner.
– Info Line = You can add a Info Line in Hover
– Moderators = You can add Moderators they can setup the Wheel
– Prizes = Here you have to add the Name of the Prizes (Objects) you put in the Dropbox.
   You can add up to 12 Prizes each Category (Prize 1 to Prize 5 or Jackpot)
   All Objects with the same Name String can give randomly to the Winners
The prizes are sorted in ascending order. Prize 1 is often drawn as prize 5 …

– Resizer = Resizes the Wheel
– Link Dropbox = Rez the Dropbox then click this Button to Link the Dropbox to the Wheel
Dont forget to Fill the Dropbox and add the Name Strings in the Wheel before you set the Wheel to active.
You can use one Dropbox for several Wheels. The only requirement is the Dropbox must be on the same sim as the Wheels.
If one of the Items cannot be found or is emtpy the Wheel refund the Tenant and set the Wheel to Offline.
The owner is informed by instant message when the Wheel goes Offline.
The owner will also be informed when an item has been sold.

– Reset = Reset and delete all Names they joined
– Options
Short/Normal/Long Spin sets the Rotation Time of the Wheel
– Activate/Deactivate
– Set Price = Set the price you want to have per ticket
Specify the search string to be searched in Dropbox to give out the Prize