Event Name Drawer Board – How To
This object can draw names for Events like Karaoke.
– Join
With this button you also can join the Event as Object Owner

– Turn On
With this Button you can activate the Board
– Turn Off
The board goes offline, all entries get lost (Board Reset)
Now a New Button is visible called: Open Register
– Open Register
With this Button you allow your Guests to join the Event

If you want to Close Registrations click button again is now called: Close Register
– Close Register
– Draw First and Next Artist
When you close the Registration you can Draw the First artist and after then the button is called Next for the next artist
If you have drawn your first artist the board is now a Tipjar

In the Menu you can see how many people joined the Event
– Draw mode
You can change the Draw Mode from Normal to Random Draw

– Change Text
You can enter 32 Signs in 2 Lines (each Line 16 Signs)
The Text is showing on the Board
– Splitpay
There you can enter the Splitpay amount
for the current Artist and the receiver for the rest of the amount
Artist Splitpay
If you set 0 (Zero) the current Artist dont get the Tips, 100% of the Tips then got to the Board Owner or the person who is set under Receiver Button

Receiver Splitpay
As example:
Artist is set to 80% and i have not set other Receiver
So the current Artist get 80% of the tip and the Board Owner get 20%
If you set other Receiver UUID the Artist get 80% the Receiver 20% and the Board Owner 0%.

– Resizer
With this Button you can resize the Board

– Moderator
There you can set a Moderator to allow Turn On/Off the Board, Open/Close Registration, Draw First/Next Artist and to join the Event itself.

– Get List
With this Button you get a list to show which persons already joined your event