Gacha Giver
Michelle’s Gacha Giver (Glass and Cube)
Michelle’s Gacha Giver (Server/Dropbox Version)*
Set the Item Price
Set the Multiplier

How the Multiplicator works
RARE items must contain the word RARE separated in the name in order to be recognized.
For example: Object RARE

The multiplicator controls the odds to get a RARE item.

For example:
If you have 5 NON-RARE items and one RARE in your Gacha, and set the Multiplier to 2, the Gacha will act as if there were 10 NON-RARE and 1 RARE Item.
That way, the odds for a RARE Item are 1 in 11 and not 1 in 6 without Multiplier.
Here you can Set your Splitpay Partner (Optional)
Enter a Percentage Amount and UUID for Splitpay separate by comma or leave it blanc to deactivate this Feature.
Example for 50% Splitpay: 50,UUID (see Picture above)
Glow Effect:
You can enable or disable the Glow Effect

*Sim Wide / Dropbox Version
1. Rez the Dropbox (Server) on the Sim
1a. Fill it with your Items
2. Set Price (Menu on Server)
3. Set Multiplier (Menu on Server)
4. Rez Givers as many you want
4a. Optional Set Glow Effect (Menu on Giver)