Random Name Drawer Fishbowl (Sploder) – How To
RANDOM NAME DRAWER FISHBOWL SPLODER | Random Name Drawer (Wall Version) Sploder

This Fishbowl serves to pay out a prize to your participants.
You can pay out the prize to all or a certain number of participants.
No Notecard for Setup needed.
– Join (Owner Join)
– Activate/Deactivate
– Public Mode / Group Mode (inform People if they are not in same Group like the Drawer)
– Draw Names* (Enter ALL for all participants or enter Number of Winners you want to draw)
*The button is only visible when a winning amount has been entered.

– Get List (Displays the list of participants in openchat)
– Parcelchk (The Name Drawer check if the Person you have drawn as winner is currently on the Parcel)

Update v1.21
– Hide Hover (Deactivate Floating Text over the Fishbowl, Name Drawer Wall does not have this Option)

– Info Line = You can add a Info Line in Floating Text
– Amount (There you have to enter the winning amount)
Please note that the amount must be divisible realistically.
An amount of 1L$ will be difficult to divide by a number of participants of more than 1.

– Reset (Resets the Fishbowl and clears all participants, Amount Settings and Ignore list will not be delete)

– Ignore List
Enter UUID of the Avatar to be ignored NOT the Name of the Avatar