Waiting List Board Pro – How To
A way for people to join a Waiting List and pull out a name.
No Notecard for Setup needed.
– Join (Admin or mod can Join)
– Activate/Deactivate
– Public Mode / Group Mode
– Draw Names (a name can be drawn) – Click on it and enter value of Names to draw
– Get List (Displays the list of names in openchat)

– Moderators = You can add up to 10 Moderators they can draw a name and Activate/Deactivate the Waiting List
Update v1.2 – UUID instead of login names
Enter UUID oft the Avatar you want to add as moderator

– Add Name (Moderator or Admin can Add Names to the Waiting List
Enter the UUID from Avatar you want to add to the List

– Reset (Resets the Waiting List and clears all names, Moderator list will not be delete)

– Delete Name from the List (You can delete entries, click the Number in front of the Name)
Click now Delete to remove Avatar from the Waiting List

Resize (Moved to Options Menu in v2.0)
Update v1.5
– Users now have the possibility to delete their name from the list themselves

Update v2.0
– Pay to join Mode (You can Set a Price in Options: Set Price Menu)
User have to click the Board first and then Pay the Board to Join if you Set a Price
If you Set the Price to 0 the Pay Mode is disabled