Lucky-Wheel Standard Version / Server Version

The Lucky Wheel Name Drawer works like a Fishbowl Raffle

– Join = You can join your Wheel for testing your Settings
– Activate/Deactivate
– Public Mode / Group Mode
– Info Line = You can add a Info Line in Hover
– Draw Name = You (Admin or Moderator) draw a Winner
After draw the Winner has to click the Wheel to spin and get his his Prize
– Get List = List all Names who join the Wheel
– Moderators = You can add Moderators they can pick up Winners
– Prizes = You can add Name of the Prizes (they Shows up in 2nd Text Line on the Raffle)
You can add up to 12 Prizes each Category (Prize 1 to Prize 5 or Jackpot)

after Setup the Name of the Prize you can enter the available quantity of the Items

The prizes are sorted in ascending order. Prize 1 is often drawn as prize 5 …

– Clear Winner = Clears Hoover / Last Winners
– Resizer = Resizes the Wheel
– Reset = Reset and delete all Names they joined
– Options

When you activate Spin again then the Winner can spin again if you dont have entered an Item in a category or the Items are no more available.
Short/Normal/Long Spin sets the Rotation Time of the Wheel