Random Name Drawer Fishbowl – How To

*Pro Version is with Prize Giver (does only work with Items init)
Important for Pro Version: After First Rez you get the Message: No Items in the Inventory.
You must now fill the Fishbowl Pro with items and reset the script once.
Then an inventory change will be registered and you can use the Fishbowl.

A way for people to put their names into the Fishbowl and pull out a winner.
No Notecard for Setup needed.

– Activate/Deactivate
– Public Mode / Group Mode
– Draw Name (a winner can be drawn)
– Get List (Displays the list of participants in openchat)

– Info Line = You can add a Info Line in Hover

– Moderators = You can add up to 12 Moderators they can draw a winner and Activate/Deactivate the Fishbowl

Enter Full Name as ex. Michelle011997 Resident and NOT the Showing Name

– Reset (Resets the Fishbowl and clears all participants, Moderator list and Ignore list will not be delete)

-Ignore List

Enter UUID of the Avatar to be ignored NOT the Name of the Avatar

– Parcelchk (If ON the Fishbowl check if the Winner is on the Same Parcel when you Draw a Winner)