Chalkboard – Premium (96,128 Signs version) – How-To

Chalkboard – Premium (128 Signs version) / Premium – B / Wooden Sign (96 Signs)

Style Menu (4 Styles included)

Moderators Menu (You can choose up to 12 Moderators they can manage the Textboard)

Group Mode = Click to activate Group Access, everyone in the same group as the object is rezzed can manage the Textboard

Change Text

You can write Left, Right and Centered Text
You also can use colors in each line

Standard is Left Text
Right Text: r|Text or right|Text
Center Text: c|Text or center|Text
Colored Text: <1,0,0>|Text
To find the correct Color Code you can use the Color Picker included in the Package

Example for centered Text and Color: c;<1,0,0>|Text in color
Example for right Text and Color: r;<1,0,0>|Text in color

As Text example:
Left Text
r|Right Text
c|Center Text
Menu Driven

c;<1,0,0>|Text in color

c|Only 5 & 6 LI

Drop NC (You can drop a Notecard with the text on the Textboard instead of use the Menu for Edit the Text)