WaitingList Board – How To

WAITING LIST BOARD v1.1 (2018-04-27)
A way for people to join a Waiting List and pull out a name.

No Notecard for Setup needed.

– Join
– Activate/Deactivate
– Public Mode / Group Mode
– Draw Names (a name can be drawn) – Click on it and enter value of Names to draw
– Get List (Displays the list of names in openchat)

– Info Line = You can add a Info Line in Hover

– Moderators = You can add up to 12 Moderators they can draw a name and Activate/Deactivate the Waitinglist

Enter Full Name as ex. Michelle011997 Resident and NOT the Showing Name

– Reset (Resets the Waitinglist and clears all names, Moderator list and Ignore list will not be delete)

-Ignore List

Enter UUID of the Avatar to be ignored NOT the Name of the Avatar

– Drop Image (you have no 60sec to drop an image on the board)
– Del Image (The Image will be deleted and the Standard Image shown)